Disabled veterans to get significant help from new Veterans Legal Fund

Veteran Rowland Marshall puts his suit and medals on ahead of a Remembrance Day service. Natasha Pace/Global News

Veterans who suffer from disabilities and are fighting for benefits can now get support from a new fund aimed at helping them with legal fees.

Former Nova Scotia MP Peter Stoffer helped launch the Veteran’s Legal Assistance Fund on Friday in Ottawa.

The fund was established with a $1 million donation from law firms that received fees in the class action law suit led by veteran Dennis Manuge in Nova Scotia.

“Right now, a federal court claim can be anywhere from $20-50,000 in many cases and many, many veterans just simply do not have the wherewithal or the money to carry on their discussion to a Federal court,” Stoffer said in the House of Commons Friday.

The money will help to pay fees that veterans run into when appealing for disability benefits, something many veterans in Canada need.

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Stoffer, member of the Veterans Legal Fund Board, says the money is important for restoring veterans rights, especially those fighting for those rights in Federal court.

“We’re very pleased to see something like this being made available to veterans,” Manuge said in a release. “Our ability to legally pursue disability claims should not be hindered by our personal budgets.” 

The veterans to receive benefits will be chosen by the board of the Veterans Legal Fund. Veterans interested in applying are asked to have their legal counsel email

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