Do you know George? Dog found underweight and bound at Nova Scotia dump

HALIFAX — A Nova Scotia animal rescue group is turning to social media to try and identify a dog that was found near the old Georgefield Landfill Site in Hants County, N.S.

Shelley Cunningham, the president of Litters n’ Critters says the dog, which has been named George, was found with a tight rope around his neck.

“They had to cut the rope out of his neck. It was actually emended in his neck,” Cunningham tells Global News.

George is severely underweight and has a number of cuts. The abrasion to his neck is believed to be infected and the marks on his legs indicate he was likely bound for some time.

“He has equal marks on his front legs that almost look like ligature marks where he might have tied,” said Cunningham. “And on his rump area there were sores.”

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Tyler Singer found George while out with a friend. He says he’s never seen anything like it before in his life.

“Its second nature, you see somebody on the side of the road, could be a human, could be a dog, be whatever, your going to take them in, your gong to show compassion,” Singer tells Global News. “Somebody who doesn’t show compassion. Somebody who does something like that…just isn’t right.”

George has been staying with Tyler and his girlfriend Jessica at their home. The couple says they already see progress in him.

“He’s doing great. He can put weight on all four of my legs, before he would lay down and shiver the whole time but now he just a up and wags his tail now, right happy to see us,” said Singer.

But George still has a long way to go. Litters n’ Critters is asking for help from the public to get George healthy again.

Cunningham tells Global News that they need to raise money to help buy special food so George can gain back some of his muscle mass. He visited a vet on Sunday and will likely need to stay there for some time.

Cunningham says they also need Nova Scotians to take a look at George’s picture to try and identify him.

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“Our main concern is putting his face out there hoping that somebody, somewhere, will recognize him and find the person and we can get them charged,” said Cunningham.

“That’s our ultimate goal right now is to find that person.”

The RCMP and the Nova Scotia SPCA have also been made aware of George’s situation. Sadly, George’s story is not uncommon.

“So far this year we’ve had 5 dogs come into Litters n’ Critters rescue that were found tied to trees in the middle of nowhere,” said Cunningham. “There’s no excuse for this. There’s no reason, there’s absolutely no reason for an animal to have to suffer through a fate like this.”

The hope is that once George is better, he will be living permanently with Tyler and Jessica. “He’s attached to our family already,” said Jessica Mersereau. “He’s a member of the family.”

Anyone looking to donate towards medical care for George can contact Litters n’ Critters.


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