Yarn Bomb, Regina group gives the gift of warmth

REGINA – The cold weather is coming, and on Wednesday, a group of volunteers brought a different style of holiday wrapping to downtown in an effort to warm those in need.

Angels 4 Warmth hung over 200 homemade scarves on trees in Victoria Park, free for whoever needs one. The group has about 90 members who spent most of the year knitting to help battle Old Man Winter.

“We get requests all the time for quilts and afghans,” said group president Donna Curran. “So people need that warmth and it’s one way for our seniors to create these things through donated yarn.”

These requests come from outreach groups like Carmichael and Hope’s Home. They also knit things like caps for premature babies.

Much of the yarn Angels 4 Warmth uses is donated. The supplies for this “yarn-bomb” came from a $3,000 donation from the Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Spirit Fund.

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“Angels 4 Warmth does a great job of giving back. What they do is really intended to help those in need and connect with that and want to help them as well,” said Carla Warnyca, Community Investment Manager for FCC.

It didn’t take long before several of the scarves found necks to warm.

“It’ll keep me warm eh plus I like what they do,” said a man named Richard who was given a scarf.


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