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TORONTO – For a second year in a row, Mayor Rob Ford will not be attending the annual Pride parade.

Mayor Ford made headlines in 2011 after refusing to follow the tradition established by previous mayors of attending the annual Pride parade.

Ford confirmed to Global News on Wednesday that he will not attend the parade in 2012, though he has not ruled out going to any of the other Pride events.

The parade, Mayor Ford said, conflicts with an annual getaway to the family cottage.
As critics and supporters of Mayor Ford always do, the issue quickly became a trending topic, as people took to Twitter to voice their opinion. 


Rob Ford and Pride

For the second year in a row, Mayor Rob Ford is refusing to attend the Pride Parade in Toronto – causing many to respond with vitriol and others supporting the Mayor.

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Did anyone expect to see Rob Ford at Pride? I’m honestly sad though that there’ll be no Jack Layton dancing in leather pants #RIPShawna Arielle
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Mayor Ford confirms he will not attend Pride parade in TorontoTORONTO – For a second year in a row, Mayor Rob Ford will not be attending the annual Pride parade. Mayor Ford made headlines in 2011 aft…
While Mayor Ford enjoys his family trip to the cottage, many people criticize his choice of choosing a family tradition over the Pride parade. 
So Rob Ford will once again not attend Gay Pride. Apparently the big bad gay people scare him too much #RidiculousBen Kinsey
RT @DylanPask: Rob Ford to skip Pride again this year in lue of a trip up to his cottage. Next time #Toronto, #think, #then #vote. #Ford #asshatSara Musgrave
Leave Rob Ford alone: he simply doesn’t want to catch the gay. #TOPoli Beardsley
RT @AdamGougeon: One of these years they’ll think to move the Pride Parade from Canada Day so Rob Ford can go. He always seems so broken up about missing it.Marcus Burnett
Rob Ford not attending the Pride Parade again? Not surprised one bit. Will he be made fun of this year, too?Andrew Yablonski
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Can we fire him?! Seriously. Please? “Rob Ford confirms he once again won’t be attending the Pride Parade.Conflicts with cottage weekend.”Meghan Marie
Wow seriously Rob Ford, you can’t even show up for 5 sec and wave for Pride? Just use a helicopter…Peter MacKay style! #TOpoli #canqueerMatthew Chau
While many people responded with vitriol, some people either sided with the Mayor or asked why it was creating such a controversy. 
Okay, so Rob Ford wants to spend Canada Day at the cottage, but can’t he attend at least one Pride event in the week prior?Lori Bosworth
RT @OHandleme: Equality = everything is fair. How can yu hate on Rob Ford for his views re: pride parade, if you want people to respect you for your views?Gaby Miranda
Who cares if Mayor Rob Ford would rather go to his family cottage over attend the pride parade ? Maybe he just values family traditionGeorge Kalamaris
Rob Ford should attend the FLAG raising for Pride Parade this year…doesn’t affect me, just a few minutes of laughing at him sweat #Toronto’JT’
What I find more curious than Rob Ford not attending Pride this year are the folks who thought he actually would.Bonnie
@nowtoronto Zero: The exact number of people who should be surprised by Rob Ford’s boycott of Pride.Brad Ferguson
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