Spike Lee speaks out about Black Lives Matter

Filmmaker Spike Lee attends Tribeca Talks/ESPN Sports Film Festival: The Greatest Catch Ever during the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival on April 19, 2015. Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

It’s not unusual for director Spike Lee to speak his mind about social injustices, so it’s no surprise to hear that Lee spoke out about the Black Lives Matter movement to CNN host Anderson Cooper. What is unexpected is Lee’s standpoint on the situation.

“We cannot be out there [protesting alleged police violence] and then when it comes to young brothers killing themselves, then mum’s the word. No one’s saying nothing? It’s got to be both ends,” Lee said.

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Promoting his latest directorial work, Chi-Raq, a satirical film about Chicago’s gang violence, Lee didn’t pull any punches when he was asked about Black Lives Matter.

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Gangsters respond to social media posts “not by typing something on their phones but by bang, bang, bang,” said Lee. He also said Black Lives Matter should focus on police brutality, “but you can’t ignore that we are killing ourselves, too. We can’t ignore that.”

Spike Lee talks Chi-Raq and Black Lives Matter:

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