3D Film made in Alberta designed to improve quality of living for seniors

WATCH ABOVE: A made-in-Alberta 3D film that’s designed to improve the quality of life for seniors is getting rave reviews. David Boushy reports.

CALGARY – A film shot and produced right here in Alberta has been getting rave reviews everywhere it’s shown.

It’s a film for seniors and it’s having quite an impact on their quality of living.

The 22-minute 3D film stars a little girl reminiscing about some of time she spent with her grandparents, like baking cookies, canoeing on a mountain lake and playing with kittens.

‘3Scape systems’ is evaluating the film’s effectiveness in a clinical trial. If successful, the company’s founder wants to create a library of at least 30 films that will cater to a growing audience.

“We worked with a psychiatric team to develop this video which is based on reminiscence therapy,” said Doug Cole from 3Scape Systems.

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The film is designed to help seniors escape to another time and place and help them overcome any feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety they may have.

Betty Fluit and Leo Denis give it two thumbs up.

“It made you want to feel like you were right with them.. you know, participating with them,” said Bett Fluit.

“I worked in the mountains for eight years, and it brought back many memories,” Leo Denis said.

Megan Dow is a recreation therapist at Chinook Care Centre.  She has seen first hand the film’s emotional impact.

“We’ve seen people brought to tears by the movie, or laughter or joy – reaching for the screen to try to touch the little girl or the animals. so it’s been really powerful for us,” said Dow.

“I think it’s a huge niche market, 10,000 people every day in North America turn 65, so it’s a huge growing market,” said Cole.

ICT West is helping 3Scape Systems and other companies using cutting-edge technology tap into international markets.

The newly-formed group receives federal funding from western economic diversification.

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