Petitions push for Trudeau to install Elizabeth May as environment minister

A trio of online petitions have sprung forth with an unlikely request for Canada’s prime minister-designate, Justin Trudeau.

Just hours after the election the petitions were created requesting that Trudeau name Green Party Leader Elizabeth May as the country’s environment minister.

One petition, which was started by Gillian Turner of Timmins, Ont., features an open letter which suggests that May should be installed ahead of the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference which will take place in Paris at the end of November.

“I can think of no Member of Parliament, from any party, who would better represent the concerns of Canadians on this topic, both at home and abroad,” Turner wrote on the petition.

“We need a strong voice in Paris, and November 30th is coming up quickly. Please put aside partisan politics, and live up to your promise: appoint the best people to your cabinet, regardless of party affiliation.”

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The site also allows supporters to voice their reasons for support.

Jennifer Bowes of Dawson Creek, B.C. wrote: “I think Elizabeth May has shown a great deal of thoughtfulness, objective and balanced debate and supports a neutral scientific/environmental review process that would not be so biased towards industry. She would promote conservation in balance with growth and help retain an environmental legacy for future generations. I am tired of having ministers like Joe Oliver and the last minister ( Leona) who do not have the education, passion or interest to do a good job as environmental minister.”

The petition now has more than 52,000 supporters while a second active petition, started by Bernard Marx on, also has over 1,200 signatures. A third petition on was closed by Patricia Birch of Vancouver and finished with over 30,000 signatures.

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The likelihood of the request of the petition being fulfilled is somewhere between slim and none as Turner noted in addendum, “I realise it might be a bit idealistic to expect a cabinet position for Ms. May, even if PM Trudeau would allow her to retain her Green Party status whilst doing so, which is unlikely. I’m really not that naive.”

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Aside from the fact that May would also have to agree to work with the Liberals, Trudeau has no real reason to consider the move. In fact, he has a ton of reasons no too, first and foremost being the Liberals and the Green Party have completely different platforms.

Trudeau also needs to reward MPs from his own party for helping him become the nation’s next leader and there are only 39 cabinet positions available for the 184 Liberals who were elected, with the environment minister being a plum position.





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