NDP’s Pat Martin defeated in Winnipeg Centre in “surprise of the night”

Robert Falcon Ouellette celebrates after defeating long-time NDP candidate  Pat Martin in Winnipeg Centre.
Robert Falcon Ouellette celebrates after defeating long-time NDP candidate Pat Martin in Winnipeg Centre. Walther Bernal/Global News

WINNIPEG — Pat Martin was denied his seventh straight term Monday night after the long-time NDP MP was defeated by Liberal candidate Robert Falcon Ouellette in Winnipeg Centre.

“This is the most surprising result in Manitoba tonight,” University of Manitoba political analyst Royce Koop said.  “Even with a strong national Liberal campaign it should have been tough to win.”

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Martin was first elected in 1997 and in each successive election won an increasing amount of votes.  In the last election the Liberals finished a distant third.


While Ouelette had some name recognition with a surprise third-place finish in the 2014 Winnipeg mayoral race, he was not expected to beat Martin.

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But in recent weeks it became clear the race was going to be tighter than originally predicted.  In a September campaign Martin was captured on camera calling a Green Party candidate a ‘son-of-a-b—” during a debate.  In  story in the Huffington Post Martin called Liberal candidate, Robert-Falcon Ouellette a “political slut” and accused his wife of being “afraid she’ll have her hubcaps stolen if she ventures too far into the riding.”

After conceding defeat Martin told a crowd of supporters he could have paid more attention to his language.

“I think that probably cost me,” Martin said.  “I’m my own worst enemy sometimes but I do speak my mind.  The one thing I don’t regret is I’ve always been true to the people in the riding I’ve always said what I’ve really been thinking.”

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Martin revealed to reporters that he got married in the middle of his election campaign, and says next on his agenda is a honey moon.

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With 69 % of the polls reporting as of 11:00 pm, Ouellette has more than six thousand votes over Martin

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