Neck and neck race in Elmwood-Transcona

Polling station open in Elmwood Transcona on October 19. Jeremy Desrochers / Global News

WINNIPEG — The polls are open and the race is on, especially in Elmwood-Transcona.

Conservative incumbent Lawrence Toet is looking to hold on to his seat for a second term but NDP candidate Daniel Blaikie is hoping to bring the riding back to orange.

Blaikie and his team are working until the final hours to scour up as many votes as possible. His team is expected to continue going door-to-door until 30 minutes before the polls close.

“We have close to 300 people out knocking on doors,” said campaign manager Wayne Copeland. “We are confident, but it’s going to be a tight race.”

Blaikie’s father Bill won 9 victories in the riding and was a Member of Parliament for 29 years.

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While Blaikie may be a rookie politician he’s banking on name recognition resounding with electors to help send him to Ottawa.

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Toet’s team on the other hand is remaining tight-lipped on election day.

“We are not disclosing our campaign strategy,” said campaign manager Sean Nathan, when asked what the mood was like over at campaign headquarters.

When Global News asked if Toet’s supporters were on the ground speaking with voters today, we got the same answer.

“We are not disclosing our campaign strategy,” said Nathan.

Toet won the riding in 2011 over NDP candidate Jim Maloway by just 300 votes.

It is expected to be a two-horse race. When Global News contacted Liberal candidate Andrea Richardson-Lipon’s office there was no answer Monday.

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