‘Computer glitch’ leads to voter delays for some married women

CALGARY – Some voters who have changed last names since getting married are running into trouble at the ballot box.

Kristie Rosom told Global News she arrived to vote at a polling station in the riding of Calgary Skyview Monday morning and found her last name was wrong on her voter information card.

Her former married name from eight years ago appeared on the card, despite the fact she’s voted with the correct name in elections since then.

Several other women at polling stations around Canada reported similar problems.

Elections Canada said that a “computer glitch” caused the problem.

Rosom said it took her and other women in line with the same problem almost an hour to rectify the issue.

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“We had to wait an extra 40 minutes to wait for the registration officer and then you had to swear back in to say that it was you,” she said, adding some women were caring for small children at the time. “It just took a lot of time and I was late for work. It was kind of frustrating.”

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