Manyshots brothers admit to kidnap and repeated rape of Calgary teen

WARNING: This story contains graphic content. Discretion is advised.

CALGARY – Two brothers accused of kidnapping and repeatedly raping a 17-year-old girl last November entered guilty pleas at Calgary Provincial Court Monday morning.

Corey Manyshots, 26, and Cody Manyshots, 22, were supposed to stand trial. Instead, they pleaded guilty to four of five charges against them. The charges included kidnapping, uttering threats, sexual assault, and robbery. A charge of sexual assault causing bodily harm was withdrawn.

WATCH: Outburt outside courtroom after Manyshots’ sex assault appearance 

“Reviewing the facts, reviewing the background, the evidentiary issues and assessing the case–including the credibility of the victim–we started to talk to our clients and thought it would be best to resolve this,” said Cody’s defence lawyer, Alain Hepner.

Last November the teenaged girl was taken from a northeast bus stop and dragged to a nearby alley where she was sexually assaulted. She was then taken to a Martindale home where she was again repeatedly raped.

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The Grade 12 student was held for eight hours before she was able to escape.

She was at court in a separate room away from her attackers on Monday, where court heard graphic details of the crimes. Hawk, the Calgary police trauma dog, sat with her.

“She is probably one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met, and I can’t imagine what she’s going through,” said Crown prosecutor Jonathan Hak. “The facts of this case are so horrific that I needed to ensure they admitted every single word; that the Crown read in as part of the facts…to make sure they acknowledge they did all of those horrible things.”

Court heard the teen girl was watching movies with a friend the night of the attack. Her friend walked her to a bus stop a few houses away, and waited with her for some time. It was cold that night, so she told him he could go home.

As he left, two men approached her, each carrying a shovel: one black and one red. The boy looked back, and saw the two men standing near his friend. He went inside his house unaware of what was about to happen.

Corey and Cody Manyshots asked the girl for directions. She was uneasy, and twice tried to dial the cellphone she held in her hand, hoping someone would hear. Both calls failed.

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That’s when the brothers grabbed her, and forced her into a nearby alley.

Corey smashed her phone.

Each took a turn raping and sodomizing her. Corey forced her to preform oral sex.

“If you want to live one more night, come with us or you can die in the alley,” Cody told her.

The two forced her to walk with them to their home in Martindale.

Manyshots’ father sat in the living room with another man as they brought the young girl into the house. She tried to look to the father for help, but no one intervened.

The brothers took her to the basement, threw her onto a makeshift bed and took turns raping and sodomizing her.

The girl told police she worried if she didn’t “take it” she would be killed.

Mark Takada, defence lawyer for Corey, said there’s no getting around these disturbing facts.

“Anyone who heard the Agreed Statement of Facts would probably be pretty shocked and angered by what happened,” he said. “These are terrible crimes they’ve been accused of and now they’ve admitted.”

At one point, the girl heard the brothers on the phone talking about drugs. She feared other men would come to the house and take her away.

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Between the assaults, Corey cooked. His girlfriend and child were in also in the home and saw the young girl. The victim also watched them take drugs that she believed to be crack.

She waited until they were asleep, then snuck out the back door.

Once outside, she wrote on her hand the address, the name “Cody” and several words including “native” and “black and red shovel.”

With her cellphone gone, she caught a bus, CTrain, and another bus until finally she could run home.

Her mother took her to a nearby police district where described the brutal attack.

She was able to give directions for investigators, who drove her to the area where she was kidnapped and found the home in which she was held captive.

The teen broke down as she picked both Corey and Cody out of separate photo lineups. On Corey’s photo she wrote “this is the man.” On his brother’s photo, she wrote “Cody.”

“This is probably one of the worst cases I’ve ever seen…in terms of what people can do to each other. It’s just despicable,” Hak said outside court Monday.

The sentencing hearing for the Manyshots brothers is set for next April.

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In the meantime, the brothers have been sent for psychological and psychiatric assessments. Corey’s lawyer said his client has schizophrenia.

“Both of them are of aboriginal heritage and they are entitled to have that considered as part of the sentencing process because of a Supreme Court decision called Gladue,” said Takada. “It will outline how their background and certain circumstances may have led to criminal behaviour…For my client, there is a hearing of mental illness and there will be some bearing on his degree of responsibility.”

Cody’s lawyer said the two brothers “comprehend the seriousness of it.”

“They comprehend the serious time they’re looking at; they comprehend it’s going to be a penitentiary sentence,” said Hepner.

The brothers remain in custody.

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