Hundreds gather in Taradale to support sexual assault victim

CALGARY – Taradale residents came together Friday night in a show of support for a teenager that was kidnapped and sexually assaulted a week ago.

The 17 year old was attacked while waiting at a bus stop, taken to a northeast home and repeatedly assaulted.

The vigil, dubbed ‘Glow in the Dark’, started around 5:30 p.m. Friday and included hundreds of people.

A box was set up and filled with messages of support, prayers, a bouquet of flowers and even a box of candy for the unknown teen.

“On September 29th of 2000 my oldest daughter was murdered by an abusive ex-boyfriend. Violence against women in this city is out of control,” says Donna Eaton, just one of the Taradale residents in attendance.

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“When something like this happens so close to home it strikes a chord very deep within me and I’m so glad to see everyone here to support this poor victim.”

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Tonie Minhas lives two block away from the Taradale bus-stop where the girl was taken.

“Unfortunately I can’t always feel safe walking home from the train station either… I encouraged all my family and my friends to be here too. There’s solidarity in numbers so hopefully we can make our survivor feel a little more supported,” says Minhas.

“When something like this happens it really hurts us to think that it could have been our daughter, it could have been one of my three daughters – they’re all about that age,” says Khalil Karbani.

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Police have charged 25-year-old Corey George Manyshots and 21-year-old Cody George Manyshots with sexual assault causing bodily harm, assault causing bodily harm and kidnapping.

Cody Manyshots (left) and Corey Manshots (right) are both charged with kidnapping and sexual assault. Facebook/Global News

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