#Elxn42: TransCanada pipeline looms in riding of Longueuil-Saint-Hubert

WATCH ABOVE: One of the ripples of the 2011 orange wave was in Montreal's South Shore. As Billy Shields reports, the riding's boundaries are different now - so anything could happen in the traditional Bloc Québécois area.

LONGUEUIL — The riding of Longueil Saint-Hubert was Bloc Québécois turf for almost 20 years until the massive NDP gain of 2011.

It’s since been redrawn.

“At the provincial level, this was René Lévesque’s seat,” said Denis Trudel, the Bloc Québécois candidate.

Trudel talks very fast and enthusiastically, delivery he’s doubtless learnt as a well-known Francophone actor.

Current incumbent, NDP MP Pierre Nantel hopes the redefined area will still vote him into the Commons.

“You never know,” he said.

“But we’re confident.”

The Conservatives are represented by John Sedlak and former city councillor Michael O’Grady is running on the Liberal ticket.

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“If the NDP took it in 2011 there’s no reason why the Liberals can’t take it in 2015,” O’Grady told Global News.

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A poignant issue in this riding is the controversial TransCanada pipeline, championed by the Conservatives.

Both Trudel and Nantel fear it could affect the water quality in Longueuil while O’Grady wants more consultation.

The election is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 19.