Eat 30-lb burrito in an hour, win 10% of Brooklyn restaurant

If you’ve had dreams of being a restaurateur but never had the capital, now’s your chance for just $150 and a stomach of steel.

Brooklyn-based taqueria Don Chingon is offering a 10 per cent stake in their restaurant if you can down a 30-lb burrito and a ghost pepper margarita within an hour.

“There are a lot of eating challenges around the country, and lots of people get their pictures up on the wall. And we thought it would be really cool to get people to basically own the wall,” owner Victor Robey told Global News.

For some perspective, most competitive eating challenges last between six to 15 minutes, and American competitive eater Joey Chestnut holds the title for consuming 14.25 pounds of a burrito in 10 minutes, according to Major League Eating.

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Robey said he wanted to up the ante when he found out that Chestnut’s world record of 69 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes weighed in at around 25 pounds.

The burrito is made up of a hand made tortilla, carne asada, pork, chicken, rice, avocado salsa and lots of cheese.

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The rules are simple: Entry fee is $150. No bathroom breaks, no barfing. But you can team up with friends.



Should you survive and complete the beastly burrito challenge alone, you’re entitled to 10 per cent of the restaurant’s net profits over 10 years.

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The restaurant only opened in March this year so it’s hard to say how much that will be worth. Robey figures it could range from $300,000 to $1 million over a decade.

If you’re not interested in restaurant part-ownership, you could enter the contest with another friend to split a $1,000 cash prize, a $500 food and drink credit and two t-shirts.

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Or, if you just want a huge meal, you can get the burrito for free if you and three other friends can finish it in an hour.

The competition begins on Oct. 19. Because the behemoth burrito takes two hours to construct, Don Chingon will only be allowing one attempt each day.

Robey said he’s already getting multiple calls and emails daily and is sure that there will be someone willing to take the risk.

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