Axe Hole offers something different for a night out in Edmonton

WATCH ABOVE: A new facility in Edmonton is giving people the opportunity to take up axe throwing. Lisa Wolansky has more about the art of throwing an axe.

EDMONTON — Whether it’s a new idea for date night or a fun family outing, a new attraction in central Edmonton offers something a little bit different for a night out.

Axe Hole, located in the area of 119 Street and 116 Avenue, allows you to channel your inner lumberjack with some good old fashioned axe throwing.

“Oh my lord, it’s so much fun,” said Matthew Pringle, co-owner of Axe Hole.

“People have been doing this for hundreds of years and they’ve been out in the wilderness or at camp throwing axes at trees forever. So this just gives them a recreational facility in which they’re allowed to do it.”

While some may find axe throwing a bit intimidating, Pringle said it’s pretty easy to get the hang of it and customers get trained by experts before they throw their first hatchet.

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“Classically, women are better at this than men off the get-go because men really want to throw the axe; they want to show their manhood, they want to throw it as hard as they can and that’s not the finesse in throwing an axe,” said Pringle.

“Women, on the second try they’ll land the axe every time.”

Kat Spencer has been throwing axes for more than a decade. As a professional timber sports competitor, Spencer also admits throwing an axe is much more about “finesse than brawn.”

“I love the excitement in everybody’s eyes when they get that axe into their hand and they’re finally hitting the target,” she said.

Axe Hole has eight lanes, each housing two targets. Two people can throw at the same time, turning it into quite the competition, especially for couples.

“It’s unbelievable watching the dates come in,” said Pringle. “It gets more and more competitive, right? Once you hit the target then you want to get the bull’s eye. Then you want to get multiple bull’s eyes.

“By the end of the night they’re high-fiving each other and it’s just so much fun.”

Axe Hole lets customers throw 1.5-pound hatchets and double bit axes. People can also bring their own axes, which they will be allowed to throw once the tool is inspected.

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The facility is kid-friendly. For more information, visit Axe Hole’s website.