Candidates weigh in on food sustainability

REGINA – Food security was on the menu at a candidates forum in Regina on Monday night. The Eat, Think, Vote Campaign is a national effort to draw attention to issues on food security.

The campaign is being run by community groups across the country like REACH here in Regina.

“Having affordable and nutritious food is something that is important for everyone and when people don’t have healthy food to eat it impacts all other areas of their life,” said Shannon Zachidniak, REACH Community & Evaluation Manager.

The four major issues that campaign wants candidates to address are the elimination of hunger, affordable food in the north, a national school lunch program, and support for new farmers.

All the Regina area candidates were invited to the forum, and all of them made an appearence except for candidates from the Conservative Party.

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“What is needed first and foremost is a government that cares.” said Regina-Wascana Liberal candidate Ralph Goodale. “I would welcome a close partnership, on behalf of the Liberal Party, with REACH and the other organizations in bringing greater food security to Regina, to Saskatchewan, and to Canada.”

“I’m in favour of a national food strategy,” said Regina-Qu’Appelle NDP candidate Nial Kuyek. “We’ve already developed one as a party, and in putting it forward in this election we would be supportive of the statement that’s been prepared here.”
Part of the Eat, Think, Vote campaign is getting candidates to say whether or not they are in favour of developing a national food strategy.

“You’ve got kids who are hungry and they’re not going to be able to think straight or do well in school,” said Regina – Qu’Appelle Green Party candidate Greg Chatterson. “We need to be able to feed our people. It’s a shame Canada has to have these food programs in schools, but if that’s what has to happen that’s what has to happen.”

Other candidates who attended the forum include:
Regina Lewvan: Louis Browne (Liberal), Wojciech Dolata (Libertarian), Tamela Friesen (Green), Erin Weir (NDP),
Regina Wascana: April Bourgeois (NDP), Frances Siminson (Green)
Regina Qu’Appelle: Della Anaquod (Liberal).

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