Saskatoon rally calls on feds to do more for Syrian migrants

Watch above: Hundreds turn up at Saskatoon rally calling on the Canadian government to do more in the Syrian migrant crisis. As Jacqueline Wilson reports, they were lobbying for change to the Canadian refugee process.

SASKATOON – Rallies have been held across Canada calling on the Canadian government to do more in the Syrian migrant crisis. Those rallies made their way to Saskatoon on Sunday.

Hundreds of people gathered at city hall to show support for Syrian war refugees and to lobby for change to the Canadian refugee process.

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One of those was pediatrician Mahli Brindamour, who was also one of the organizers of the rally. Brindamour said the federal government needs to bring Syrian refugees to Canada as fast as they can.

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Along with calling for free clinics for people who are uninsured, Brindamour had a clear message for the Canadian government – change the process.

“They’ve made the process of application more complicated, made sponsorship harder as well.”

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Recent news about the death of members of the Kurdi family has sparked national outrage over the failure of Canada to appropriately respond to Syria’s humanitarian crisis.

Rally participants walked from civic square at city hall to the federal government building in downtown Saskatoon. On top of putting pressure on the Canadian government to allow the immediate entry of thousands of refugees, they’re hoping to take steps to ensure that people are free to enter and leave the country if they wish.

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A major complaint is the modest and slow processing times for immigrants, one being experienced by Abdulsalam Dakouri, whose family is stuck overseas.

“All my family is there, they’re suffering there, they would prefer to die than go live in the camps,” said Dakouri, who is a permanent resident in Canada.

He is trying to get his family to Canada, but said the wait time is hard to bear.

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“You have to wait; hopefully I can find someone to help me.”

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