Regina mom frustrated with transportation for daughter needing special care

REGINA –  A local mother and teacher is beyond frustrated with recent changes to her daughter’s daily bus trip to school.

Terry Burgess’ daughter, Khyra, has had complex medical needs since birth and at 11-years-old she is completely dependent on caregivers.

For the past six years, an attendant has travelled with Khyra to and from school, but Burgess said she found out on the day before classes that the position had been cut.

“It almost hurt, and it was very frustrating and it felt very disrespectful that I found out at the very last minute they’ve made this decision without collaborating with me,” she said.

Burgess fears the change not only puts her daughter at risk, but also any other student with special needs who travels on the bus.

“I try to imagine her going into a seizure and what the bus driver would do. Chances of a an ambulance showing up before it’s too late is slim,” she added.

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Regina Public Schools declined an interview with Global News but in a statement said they’re working to come up with a solution and that the student’s safety is a priority.

But that comes as little consolation for Burgees who said there was plenty of time to come up with a plan over the summer and before the start of a new school year.

In the meantime, she’s hired a caregiver to travel with Khyra to school but estimates it will cost roughly $2,000 a month, and isn’t something she can afford.

Burgess hopes the school board will deliver a new plan sooner than later because keeping Khyra at home isn’t an option either.

“She likes school, she likes being there, so I’m not willing to compromise that for the politics behind the scenes.”

Burgess is collecting donations to support Khyra’s transportation. For more information you can visit her website.

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