Bear with mysterious ‘blue head’ spotted off Highway 7 in Mission

WATCH ABOVE: Aaron Smith captured this video of a  bear with mysterious blue paint on its head

A bear with a mysterious blue paint or dye on its head was spotted by the side of Highway 7 in Mission on Tuesday night.

Aaron Smith was driving home from work at 5:15 p.m. when he saw the mother bear and her cub on the east side of Silvermere Lake.

About four other vehicles had also pulled over to look at the bear. When Smith was getting out his camera and zoom lens, he noticed something strange about the mother bear – her head was completely blue.

“It was just such an abrupt ending of the paint on its head,” said Smith.

When he got home he posted the photo on Reddit and then called the Conservation Officer Service to report the sighting.

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“They were very interested in what it might be,” said Smith.

Credit: Aaron Smith.
Credit: Aaron Smith.

Conservation officer for the Chilliwack region, Don Stahl, said they will not be looking for the bear.

“It’s not injured, it’s acting normal, it’s not aggressive,” he said, “and she’s with her cub.”

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Stahl does not know what might have happened to the bear, but suggested it might have stuck its head in a can of paint.




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