Effects of gas shortage still being felt in Halifax even as pumps are replenished

WATCH ABOVE: Gas levels at Halifax service stations seem to be returning to normal, but the effects if the Nova Scotia gas shortages are still felt by many. Global’s Dave Squires reports.

HALIFAX – Gas levels at Halifax service station pumps are getting back to normal, but the effects of the Nova Scotia gas shortage are still being felt by many, including local businesses which rely on fuel to operate.

Manjid Latif, general manager of Yellow Cab, says fifty percent of his drivers couldn’t work during the shortage because they were unable to find fuel, and that hurt their bottom line.

“It was tough times for the drivers. Fuel is their livelihood. We didn’t have a lot of drivers work because of that and it was affecting our drivers income,” said Latif.

CarShare HFX also felt an impact of the fuel shortage. Fleet manager Derek Gillis says it’s the customers’ responsibility to fill up the tank before returning a vehicle. But that protocol didn’t go as planned during the gas shortage. The service received many calls from customers saying they couldn’t find gas and had no choice but to leave vehicles empty.

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“They put the car back in the location give us a message and we will follow up and find fuel for that car,” said Gillis.

To cope, both CarShare and Yellow Cab kept in contact with their drivers, informing them which stations had gas.

Latif said some of their customers experienced long delays, and some unlucky drivers became stranded.

“I tried to check gas station at airport, the didn’t have gas and on the way back I ran out of gas. I was stranded on the highway for two hours”

Gas stations in Halifax are now rebuilding their fuel levels. Latif said that means their drivers Yellow Cab are back to work.

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