Police around Saskatchewan hand out 3,500+ speeding tickets in July

Police hand out over 3,500+ speeding tickets in July, including a number for speeding in work zones. File / Global News

REGINA – It appears people aren’t getting the message to slow down in construction zones. Police handed out 3,556 manually enforced speed-related tickets in July during the traffic safety spotlight that focused on speeding in work zones.

Of those, two drivers were caught going more than double the posted limit, 48 were exceeding the posted limit by at least 50 km/h and another 142 were going faster than 35 km/h over the limit.

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Police also handed out 17 tickets for speeding in a construction zone where a highway worker or flag person was present and 99 tickets for passing an emergency vehicle at more than 60 km/h.

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Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) officials are reminding motorists that even if workers aren’t present, speed limits are reduced to 60 km/h in the orange zone.

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They also say that speeding and aggressive driving behaviors not only put motorists at risk, they endanger the lives of other drivers and road users, which are magnified in work zones due to the presence of workers, additional road hazards, and stop and go traffic.

Along with the speeding tickets, police also issued 100 impaired driving offences, 130 tickets for distracted driving, including 102 for cell phone use, and 293 tickets for not using a seat belt, car seat or booster seat.

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