All-boys synchronized swimming team takes Pointe-Claire by storm

WATCH ABOVE: An all-boys synchronized swimming team is making history as they compete in the Association of Lakeshore Pools competition. Global’s Sarah Volstad reports.

POINTE-CLAIRE – As far as swim coach Chris Callard knows, his synchronized swimming team is making history.

He said it’s the first time in recent memory that an all-boys team has competed in an Association of Lakeshore Pools (ALPS) competition.

Last week, the boys, who hail from Beaconsfield Heights pool, earned a silver medal at the annual Summer Swimmers competition, which was held at Lakeside pool in Pointe-Claire.

“Sometimes you’re a little bit humiliated because people think it’s a joke, but it’s actually not,” said Benjamin Savouré, one of the swimmers.

“That what we try to prove to people: it’s that synchro isn’t impossible for boys to do. And that it’s not an only girls sport. Well, not anymore.”

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WATCH: The Beaconsfield Heights Boys Syncrho Team competed at Viking Pool today. Videojournalist David Sedell captured these highlights from their swim.

Thursday afternoon, they competed in the ALPS Teams competition at Viking pool.