Storm chaser describes tornado being too close for comfort

WINNIPEG — When a massive tornado started in southwestern Manitoba Monday night near Tilston Manitoba, storm chaser Greg Johnson says it felt like any other storm that could produce a tornado. But suddenly, he says, things changed.

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“We ended up with a massive tornado that developed. At one point, it was a kilometre wide at its base,” said Johnson, adding that’s typically what one would see in Louisiana or Kansas.

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Johnson says he and his team were about 100 metres away from the monster tornado – discomforting, even for a seasoned storm chaser.

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“There were a few points where it was too close, too unpredictable.”

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Johnson says the last time Canada saw a tornado this big, it happened 20 kilometres from where it happened on Monday in Pipestone, Mb. That was in 2007.

“The fact that two tornadoes happened in the same spot is almost like southwestern Manitoba has its own tornado alley.”

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