5 fun facts from Justin Bieber’s chat with Martha Stewart

Justin Bieber, pictured in a series of photos for 'Interview' in June 2015. Steven Klein / Interview

TORONTO — Justin Bieber likes grilled salmon, drinks tequila and only cooks breakfast.

These are some of the revelations in a conversation between the 21-year-old pop star and Martha Stewart in the new issue of Interview.

Accompanied by a series of provocative photos — including a shot of Bieber grabbing his crotch and one in which he’s wearing a clown mask — the interview also reveals that he is working on his first album since 2012’s Believe.

He recalled growing up in Stratford, Ont. and earning enough money from busking to take his mother to Disney World. Bieber also told Stewart he graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA.

Here are a few more things we learned from Interview:

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun was kind of creepy

“He kind of stalked me, basically,” Bieber told Stewart. Unable to contact Bieber directly, Braun reached out to a number of people in Stratford, including the local school board and Bieber’s great aunt. “After a while, it got kind of creepy to my mom, so she finally gave him a call to tell him to stop calling,” the singer recalled. “She ended up talking to him for about two hours.”

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Grandma keeps his “Baby” award

Asked where he keeps the platinum record for the single “Baby,” Bieber told Stewart he thinks it’s at his grandmother’s home in Stratford. “Her whole basement is full of plaques and stuff,” he said. “We’ve been doing that since before I was famous. Just, like, when I would win track and field and stuff at school.”

Bieber owns a lot of cars but not a jet

The pop star told Stewart he has a Ferrari, an Audi R8, Range Rover and a Mercedes-Maybach. “I ride in the back,” he said of the latter. “It’s the smoothest ride I’ve ever been in.” He also said he has a boat. But, the superstar doesn’t own a jet. “I rent jets in my spare time,” he explained.

He’s a savvy investor

Bieber revealed he owns a piece of West Coast Customs and invests heavily in the technology industry — but he won’t get into specifics. “A lot of different tech investments, but not a lot I can speak on because we want to kind of keep that private,” he said.

Martha Stewart didn’t do much research

Seemingly unaware that Bieber has a whopping 65.3 million Twitter followers and 33 million Instagram followers, Stewart asked him: “Do you use social media yourself?” He also has 72 million “likes” on Facebook, 2.7 million YouTube subscribers and is active on Shots and Snapchat. How did Bieber answer Stewart’s odd question? “I do, yeah.”


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