Quebec City youth wins contest, sings with Keith Urban

WATCH: Allison Fortier is living her dream after being chosen to sing with country superstar Keith Urban at the Festival d’été. Global’s Caroline Plante reports.

QUEBEC CITY – A 20-year-old from Quebec City is living the dream.

Allison Fortier was chosen to sing alongside country superstar Keith Urban on the big stage at the Quebec City Summer Festival.

“I think, first of all, I will have some fun,” she told Global News a few hours before the show.

Fortier has been singing country music for eight years, drawing inspiration from Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban.

On Monday, she won a local contest to sing a duet with the Australian superstar.

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“I think Keith Urban will be cool with me, I’m really sure about that,” she said.

And he was.

Fortier and Urban met during the sound check.

“I saw about five different people who sent in videos but I liked her personality. That’s important when you’re up in front singing,” Urban told Global News.

“Nobody knows who you are so if they like you as a person that’s really important. She was lovely.”

“I don’t think of it as a mission, it’s just a passion really, a passion to help in anyway I can. I’ve learned so much in my career and I see a lot of people asking a lot of questions and if I know something I’m happy to pass it on because it’s really what’s it’s all about, passing it on.”

Fortier is allowing herself to dream big.

After Quebec City, she said her next stop is Nashville.

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