Jim Carrey tweets opposition to California vaccination law

Jim Carrey, pictured in April 2015. Charley Gallay / Getty Images

TORONTO — Canadian actor Jim Carrey has slammed California’s governor over new vaccination legislation.

In a Twitter rant this week, Carrey called Jerry Brown a “corporate facist.”

The state law requires children — except those with serious health issues — to be vaccinated in order to attend public or private schools.

Carrey insisted he is pro-vaccine but said he is opposed to the use of a mercury-based preservative in vaccines.

The 53-year-old Ontario native had a five-year relationship with Jenny McCarthy, who blamed vaccines for causing her son’s autism. She has insisted she is not anti-vaccine.

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Carrey became a grandfather in 2010 when daughter Jane welcomed son Jackson Riley Santana. A year earlier, he wrote an editorial for Huffington Post about vaccines.

“In all likelihood the truth about vaccines is that they are both good and bad,” he wrote. “While ingredients like aluminum, mercury, ether, formaldehyde and anti-freeze may help preserve and enhance vaccines, they can be toxic as well … For the sake of profit, American children are being given too many, too soon. One thing is certain. We don’t know enough to announce that all vaccines are safe!”

Here’s a look at Carrey’s comments on the new California law:

Carrey also urged his 14.7 million followers to watch the documentary Trace Amounts, which explores the use of neurotoxins in some vaccines.


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