June 14, 2015 4:11 pm

The InstaList: Canada’s Most Adventurous on Instagram

Will Gadd

Canada’s history is defined by adventure and exploration. John Cabot’s discovery of Newfoundland and Labrador kick-started colonization in the New World, and Hudson Bay Company expeditions into the interior unveiled the many wonders of Canada.

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Even though so much of Canada has already been explored, there are still dozens of explorers discovering new treasures. Their Instagram feeds are packed with stunning snapshots of all Canada has to offer, and The InstaList has highlighted the best.

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Who: Bruce Kirkby – @brucekirkby

Why: Bruce Kirkby is known internationally as one of Canada’s foremost wilderness writers, the author of two bestselling books and a popular Globe and Mail column. His photos have been featured in National Geographic dozens of times over, so it’s no surprise his Instagram feed is packed with interesting and exciting snapshots of the world. All of his photos tell a story, discussing ecological and environmental issues, and illuminating how beautiful and sacred nature is.


Who: Chris Hadfield – @colchrishadfield

Why: He went to space, which is perhaps the greatest adventure anyone could go on. Chris Hadfield‘s Instagram is appropriately aerospace themed, but the on-earth content makes his feed special. It’s packed with video responses to kids about the future of space exploration and what it’s like to be an astronaut, making his Instagram feed the perfect mix of fun and learning.

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Who: Will Gadd – @realwillgadd

Why: Will Gadd first came to the world’s attention as an athlete, known for being the first person to climb Niagara Falls, and setting the world distance record for paragliding (twice). His feed is packed with photos of daring climbs and alluring locales, and even the occasional pic from inside a rock climbing gym. Thanks to supporters like him, rock climbing is becoming more popular every day, and it’s easy to imagine most Canadian mountains and valleys will soon be covered with inspired climbers.


Who: Roof Topper – @roof_topper

Why: Anyone can get into rock climbing, but it takes a special breed to do the sort of climbs you’ll see in this Instagram feed. Roof Topper (real name Tom Ryaboi) is an urban climber, skirting CCTV cameras and security guards to take vertigo-inducing photos of Toronto. Everyone at the base of a skyscraper looks up and wonders what it would be like to see the city from such heights, and with @Roof_Topper’s pictures you finally can.


Who: Frank Wolf – @frankwolf70

Why: Frank Wolf is an adventurer and filmmaker who was recently named one of Canada’s top explorers by Canadian Geographic. He’s written and photographed for dozens of magazines, and every photo in his dazzling Instagram feed tells an incredible story. There are numerous photos of lovely streams and picturesque mountains, but many photos also feature avant-garde undercurrents, putting his unique personality on display.


Canada’s vastness makes it impossible to explore every nook and cranny, but you can be sure many will take up the challenge to find them all.

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