WATCH: Miss Piggy honoured with feminist award

ABOVE: Watch highlights from the Sackler Center First Awards tribute to Miss Piggy.

TORONTO — Miss Piggy was honoured Thursday at the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum, joining the likes of Sandra Day O’Connor, Toni Morrison and Connie Chung.

Miss Piggy is the first Porcine American woman to receive the Sackler Center First Award.

“Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it about time?,” Miss Piggy said in an article for TIME.

“I am thrilled to be in such esteemed company. And needless to say, they are thrilled to have moi!”

Miss Piggy, whose exact age is unknown, has been bringing home the bacon in Hollywood since 1974. After a five-season run on The Muppet Show, she showcased her acting chops in films like The Muppets Take Manhattan and Muppet Treasure Island. She has also pig-penned several books, including Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life.

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Last month, ABC announced The Muppet Show is being rebooted.

At Thursday’s ceremony, Gloria Steinem said Miss Piggy “is definitely her own self. She isn’t trying to be either totally masculine or totally feminine, she’s human.”

Miss Piggy acknowledged critics of the decision to give a feminist award to a puppet voiced by men.

“It’s true, I did not march in women’s-rights parades down Fifth Avenue in the early 1970s. (That was long before I was born.) However, today, in solidarity with my feminist foremothers, I go shopping on Fifth Avenue whenever possible,” she wrote.

“And it is true, I did not burn my bra. Was this a political statement? No, it was simple common-sense economics. When one pays top dollar for intimate apparel like moi does, setting it ablaze is wasteful, improvident and highly incendiary.”

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According to its website, the centre’s mission is “to raise awareness of feminism’s cultural contributions” and “to educate new generations about the meaning of feminist art.”

Miss Piggy’s longtime co-star and companion, Kermit the Frog, also tweeted from Thursday’s gala.

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