Open house to reveal next step in Winnipeg’s rapid transit

WINNIPEG — The bus ride to the University of Manitoba and Investors Group Field will be a lot different as phase 2 of rapid transit is unveiled at a public open house Thursday.

About 8 kilometres of roadway will extend the transit way from Pembina Highway and Jubilee Avenue to Markham Road and to the U of M.

Nine modern transit stations will be built including a new special-purpose event day transit station at Investors Group Field to accommodate fans.

More information will be revealed at an open house Thursday but St Norbert Councillor Janice Lukes expressed frustration at the city’s communication department over the lack of public notice for the open house.

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“Right now, within the city, there are a lot of improvements occurring but we have a broken communications system,” Lukes said. “It’s very difficult to get information, very difficult to share information.”

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Lukes says councillors only found out Friday about the open house, and a council seminar to hear the plans on Monday was cancelled.

Lukes says advertising in two local papers and on the city’s website isn’t enough public notice anymore.

Construction on the $447.6 million transit way will begin next year and expect to finish in 2019.

The public open will be held at the Canad Inns on Pembina Highway near Bishop Grandin Boulevard from 3:30 to 9pm.

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