WATCH: Bear climbs Alberta electric tower in search of food

WATCH ABOVE: Facebook video shows daring bear climb for food

CALGARY – A video of a black bear going to great lengths for a snack is becoming hugely popular on Facebook.

The 32 second video shows the animal atop an electric tower, raiding a large nest as two angry birds squawk and attempt to stop him.

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The video was posted by American firearms manufacturer O.F. Mossberg & Sons on Tuesday.

The company says the video was recorded by their Director of Media Relations Linda Powell outside of Wood Buffalo National Park on Sunday, May 10th.

“There were several bears in the area where we were camping and I noticed this bear standing on his hind legs at the base of the power line pole,” says Powell. “Within seconds, he began to navigate his way up with relative ease.”

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“Once reaching the top, he balanced himself on two metal rails and proceeded to raid the nest,” she added. “Once the bear had completed his meal, he began the journey down, not quite as gracefully, but without incident.

“When he reached the bottom, he sauntered off, like that was the way he secured his dinner every day.”

After being posted for just 24 hours, the video already acquired over 140,000 views.