Property stolen from acrobats ‘The Flying Wallendas’ at circus in Calgary

WATCH ABOVE: As Tracy Nagai reports, the world famous family of performers are now offering a reward to anyone that can lead them to their sentimental belongings.

CALGARY – Police are searching for some unusual items – property stolen from  group of acrobats performing at a circus currently in town.

“The Flying Wallendas”, the world famous family of performers known for their high wire stunts, are now offering a reward to anyone that can lead them to their belongings.

“Some people love to see a circus pull in and this one saw an opportunity and jumped on it.”

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On Friday afternoon, their trailer was stolen as Rick Wallenda was setting up for the show.

“At about 5 o’clock I went out to get something out of the trailer and the trailer was gone. The man who sets the tent up for us said he saw a little red truck pulling my trailer out of the gate,” Wallenda said.

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The trailer has been located but its contents are gone.

Inside, mostly items with sentimental value that The Wallendas want back.

“My high wire shoes, which are very important. Wardrobe has sentimental value, one of the tuxedos comes from my uncle that passed away. Some of the other costumes were made by my aunt who passed away last month,” Wallenda said.

The Wallenda’s will be watching for their property and are offering a reward.

“No questions asked, just return the stuff to us.  So whoever you are, bring our stuff back buddy and there will be no charges pressed,”

For now, Rick is resigned to suffer through his performances until his replacement shoes arrive.

People were lined up outside the big top for Sunday’s show.

“The flying trapeze artists that we have are the finest in our industry, the clowns and there’s just something for the entire family,” Ringmaster Joseph Bauer said.