Premier-elect Notley to reassure business leaders, industry ‘things are A-OK’

WATCH ABOVE: Premier-elect Rachel Notley holds a news conference Wednesday morning.

EDMONTON — Alberta’s new premier-elect addressed media Wednesday morning, saying she will be making a lot of phone calls to key business leaders and those in the energy industry to work collaboratively with them.

“What I said very clearly during the campaign is that, while we may believe that there’s some new consideration that needs to occur, that it will be done collaboratively and in partnership with our key job creators in this province.”

“I’m going to be reaching out with industry and they can count on us to work collaboratively with them,” said Notley.

“I’m hopeful that over the course of the next two weeks they will come to realize that things are going to be just A-OK over here in Alberta.”

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During the campaign, the NDP promised to raise corporate taxes to 12 per cent from 10 per cent and examine whether Albertans are getting their fair share of royalties. That stance created concern among executives in the industry.

Notley has also said she would take a less hands-on role in stumping for certain pipeline proposals – unlike past Progressive Conservative premiers who actively promoted projects such as Keystone XL and Northern Gateway.

WATCH: Premier-elect Rachel Notley will be reaching out to energy sector to open a new dialogue

Notley was non-commital on when she hopes to have the party’s first budget or when she might announce her cabinet. She pointed out the lieutenant-governor still needs to ask her to form a government.

“I ran on a platform that I’m exceptionally proud of,” she said.

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“I’ll be speaking with members of my new caucus beginning today.”

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She says she’s been getting transition advice from people across the country, including former Saskatchewan NDP premier Roy Romanow. She also says she hopes to work with the federal government on climate change and energy.

“I have a great deal of respect for Tom Mulcair,” said Notley about the federal NDP leader. “I think he’s a great national leader.”

“But my job is going to be focusing on being the premier of Alberta and representing the interests of Albertans on the national stage.”

The NDP took 53 of 87 seats in Tuesday’s election, winning a majority government, and toppling a 44-year Progressive Conservative dynasty. The Tories were reduced to third place behind
the Wildrose party, which will form the official Opposition.

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WATCH: Several NDP MPs were in a jubilant mood in Ottawa on the heels of the party’s smashing victory in the Alberta provincial election.

The New Democrats swept all 19 constituencies in Edmonton on Tuesday and made significant inroads in previously barren NDP territory in Calgary, Lethbridge and rural Alberta.

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The crushing defeat prompted Jim Prentice to announce he was stepping down as PC leader effective immediately and that he would leave the Calgary-Foothills seat he had recaptured.

Alberta’s new premier-elect will address the media at 11 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

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