Shock, disbelief, joy and dismay: social media reaction to Alberta election

WATCH ABOVE: Danielle Smith reacts to the 2015 Alberta election

EDMONTON — Rachel Notley’s orange crush of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives garnered its share of colourful social media reaction Tuesday night.

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One of the most interesting comments on the NDP majority win was from former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith.

Smith also congratulated Notley on her “once in a lifetime political achievement” and said the NDP leader ran a great campaign.

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Smith will be a guest on the Global Morning News on Wednesday.

Alberta’s new premier was also congratulated by federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

During her acceptance speech, Notley made a remark about not having “done the math” before commenting on the high number of women elected.

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The remark, which seemed to be an unintentional quip at Jim Prentice’s “math is difficult” comment, sparked laughs and cheers from the crowd at NDP headquarters. It was also well-received on social media.

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As of late Tuesday night, 27 female candidates were either leading or elected, making up about 31 per cent of the Alberta caucus.

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While many people heralded the orange crush, others expressed surprise, while others voiced concern.

Live Alberta election results 2015: Real-time results in the provincial election

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Meanwhile, others referenced the late federal NDP leader Jack Layton.

Online discussion about the Alberta election peaked at about 8:40 p.m. Tuesday. Within a one-hour period, there were about 25,000 tweets on the subject.

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Another huge peak could be seen during Jim Prentice’s resignation speech.

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