NDP claim victory in Calgary-Glenmore after official vote recount

Above Watch: The official vote count is in from close races in the 2015 Alberta Election, in one riding only six votes made the difference. Jenna Freeman reports.

CALGARY – Official election results released on Friday bring the total number of NDP MLAs in Alberta to 54.

Initially, NDP candidate Anam Kazim and Progressive Conservative incumbent Linda Johnson both finished the 2015 Alberta election with 7,015 votes each in the riding of Calgary-Glenmore, prompting a recount by Elections Alberta.

WATCH ABOVE: Drew Westerwater from Elections Alberta joins Global Calgary live from Edmonton to discuss the results of the recount in Calgary-Glenmore.

Official election results released on May 15th determined Kazim won by just six votes; 7,018 votes compared to Johnson’s 7,012.

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“It’s been a long time in Alberta since we’ve had so many close races after an election,” says Drew Westerwater with Elections Alberta. “It’s not uncommon in other jurisdictions, but certainly in Alberta that’s not a common occurrence.

CLICK HERE to view official election results from Elections Alberta.

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