WATCH: Jamie Costa mimics 20 Robin Williams characters

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TORONTO — Internet star Jamie Costa’s tribute to the late Robin Williams has gone viral.

The aspiring actor from Greenville, S.C., whose impressions of stars like Owen Wilson, Michael Caine and Russell Crowe have earned him more than 242,000 followers on Vine, posted the video entitled “Never Had A Friend Like Him” on Monday.

In its first 24 hours on YouTube, the two-minute collection of Costa’s impressions of 20 of Williams’ most memorable characters was viewed more than 585,000 times.

Costa recreates the Genie from Aladdin, Teddy Roosevelt from the Night at the Museum movies, Mork from Mork and Mindy, Adrian Cronauer from Good Morning, Vietnam, Armand Goldman from The Birdcage and many others.

Costa’s facial features are eerily similar to Williams’, who died last year by suicide. He was 63.

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On YouTube, Costa described the video as “my tribute to the man whose spark ignited my passion.”

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