Here’s what an Apple Watch try-on appointment is like

TORONTO – Apple is completely changing its in-store retail experience with the Apple Watch.

During the initial launch, the smartwatch will be sold “exclusively online” and potential buyers are being invited to book special try-on appointments to see the watch before ordering. But what exactly is a try-on appointment?

Apple describes the Apple Watch as its “most personal device yet” – and what could more personal than having someone delicately slip an Apple Watch onto your wrist?

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When you first start your try-on appointment, the Apple specialist will ask what Apple Watch models you are most interested in – like the 38mm stainless steel case with the Milanese loop strap, for example.

The watches are housed in a hidden drawer in the Apple Watch try-on table. Apple employees open the drawer by holding up their mobile payment device to the drawer.

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Here’s where things get fancy. The specialist will remove a watch from the case, hold it up for you to see and then promptly whip out a cleaning cloth to carefully wipe off any fingerprints on the screen.

“Is it okay if I put the watch on for you,” asked the specialist before slipping it on my wrist for the first time.

Once on, the specialist will turn on the screen, which runs through a basic demo.

The watch will scroll through some features, showing you watch faces, screen savers, the contacts app and messages. You’ll also get to experience the watch’s haptic feedback feature – which vibrates to notify you of messages or even send your heartbeat to someone.

But this demo is mostly visual – you aren’t able to do much else but scroll through the various demo items.

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Once the demo is over, the specialist will ask what other watch models you would like to try on.

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If you choose, you can try on both the 38mm and 42mm version of your desired watch to judge size.

Once your 15 minutes is up, the idea is you will have a better understanding of what watch you will go home and order online. There will be no walking in and walking out with a watch.

But for some, the appointment may feel more like a suit or dress fitting, rather the first step in buying a gadget.

Apple’s employees appear to have been instructed to provide style feedback – they may offer advice on what watch size will look best on your wrist, or what band suits your “look.”

During my appointment, the specialist thought the larger 42mm case looked good on me. I preferred the smaller 38mm version.

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Trying on the top-of-the-line 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition, however, is an entirely different process.

Here’s what an Apple Watch try-on appointment is like - image

Those who want the experience will have to book a specific Apple Watch Edition appointment. According to reports from 9to5Mac, these customers are brought into a different area of the store and the watches are presented in special leather boxes. It’s been said these customers will get more than 15 minutes with the watch.

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Only two Canadian stores will be offering the Apple Watch Edition try-on appointments – Toronto’s Eaton’s Centre and Montreal’s Sainte-Catherine location.

Apple said everyone who comes into the store is welcome to try the watch, but they encourage making an appointment to cut down on wait times.

Of course, you can skip all of this by ordering your device online, if you know exactly what configuration you want – keeping in mind there are 54 possible configurations in all.

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