EXCLUSIVE: AC624 passenger video shows scene on tarmac minutes after crash landing

HALIFAX – Passenger Morgen Skye York captured on video the moments following the crash landing of Air Canada flight 624 at Halifax Stanfield International Airport early Sunday.

“It was really scary,” the 12-year-old, who was traveling with her grandmother, told Global News. “I thought I was going to die.”

Within five minutes of escaping the plane, York decided to take a video of her surroundings.

The scene shown is dark and snowy. In the distance, the flashing lights of emergency vehicles briefly outline the silhouette of a plane.

“I was just in a plane crash and now I’m in a sweater and in the middle of a blizzard outside,” York is heard saying on the video.

“Come in and stay warm with us,” says a woman. “Come in and stay warm.”

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For nearly an hour, York, her grandmother and the other passengers waited on the tarmac in the dark during a snow storm. The young girl didn’t have a coat.

“I could hear people screaming and people saying, ‘come stay warm with us,” she recalled.

“There was just a big huddle of everyone — like penguins that’s what I thought it was like — and everyone was just huddling to stay warm.”

The passengers were eventually taken by shuttle to the LifeFlight hangar.

York’s second video shows the inside of the hangar and the crowd of passengers and emergency responders.

“Some people didn’t have shoes on. Some people were really bloody but they’re in the ambulance now and we’re just inside and I don’t know when we’re going to leave…I’m really scared,” Morgen narrates in the video.

Above: Watch video shot by 12-year-old Morgen Skye York immediately after the plane crash.

Neither York nor her grandmother was seriously injured. She says she still can’t believe what happened but plans on eventually flying again.

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“I’m having trouble sleeping but I’m doing pretty good now,” she said on Wednesday.

“Sometimes things remind me of it and I get kind of scared, and sometimes I get shaky. But I’m feeling better.”