Vancouver man’s ad selling unconditional love on Craigslist goes viral

WATCH ABOVE: Brice Royer speaks to Sonia Sunger on Global News’ BC1.

VANCOUVER – You can find many things for sale on Craigslist and one particular ad has gone viral, being seen more than one million times.

The item up for grabs won’t cost you a cent but, some would say, it’s priceless.

Brice Royer posted an ad selling unconditional love for $0.00. “It doesn’t come from me, it’s just a perspective change about the earth’s unconditional love for us,” he says.

“The reason why I posted this was just spontaneous. I thought it would brighten up someone’s day since Vancouver, you know, is the second most expensive city in the world.”

Royer says the response to the ad has been “really, deeply touching.” Mainly he says, he thinks people are ready to hear a different story. “The story that society told me and many people is that you’re not good enough, unless you look a certain way, get good grades, or get a respectful job, or become wealthy or famous,” he says. “It’s a story of fear and conditional love. It’s not a story I want to tell children or I don’t want to teach them how to earn the right to be loved.”

People have been writing to Royer, who is currently battling cancer, saying his ad gave them hope. “I am going through a difficult journey and I’ve begun to unlearn some of the things I’ve been taught from society,” he says.

In his experience, people in Vancouver can feel trapped, stressed, or empty due to the day-to-day pressures. “We know that the earth’s gift to us has always been unconditional,” says Royer. “The sun does not ask anything in return for the sunshine it gives so we already know that life is a gift but it’s almost like we’ve taken something that’s unconditional and we’ve made it conditional.”

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