‘Arrow’ star John Barrowman calls out WestJet on Twitter

John Barrowman tweeted this photo on March 15, 2015. Twitter

TORONTO — Actor John Barrowman lashed out at WestJet on Sunday, publicly questioning how the Canadian airline could “screw things up soooo badly.”

The 48-year-old, who stars in the Vancouver-shot series Arrow, used Twitter to try to resolve an issue with WestJet.

Barrowman tweeted a photo of himself giving a “thumbs-down” sign in front of a WestJet logo.

It’s not clear where Barrowman was flying from and he did not share specific details of the problem.

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After WestJet tweeted “What’s up, John?,” Barrowman replied: “What I paid for didn’t get & was not notified.”

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Once on the plane, he tweeted an update to his 351,000 followers.

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Clearly, he was still fuming.

WestJet tweeted at Barrowman again, this time asking for his number.

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When someone defended the airline (“Tough to get it right all the time,” tweeted Joanne Eliuk), Barrowman replied: “I agree, but don’t try to pretend nothing happened.”

Barrowman plays Malcolm Merlyn on Arrow and is well known for his roles on Doctor Who and Torchwood and as a singer.

WestJet spokesperson Brie Thorsteinson Ogle told Global News that the airline can’t comment about a specific passenger.

“We make every effort to provide strong guest support to those who choose to fly WestJet,” she said, “and do what we can to try to remedy a negative experience if possible.”

Late Monday, Barrowman took to Twitter to say his beef with WestJet is about “principle and money” but insisted he will continue to use the airline. “I’m not hating,” he tweeted.


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