Vernon School District officials fear budget cut impacts

School Classroom. File / Global News

VERNON – The Vernon School District will hold a public meeting to get taxpayer feedback on the district’s 2015/16 budget.

It comes after the provincial government provided its funding allotment earlier this month which the district says will force spending cuts of $814,000 over the next two school years.

“Our school district has suffered many cuts in funding in recent years. We’re proud that we’ve kept much of the cost reductions out of the classroom. Finding further efficiencies without impacting our students will be very challenging,” said school board chairperson Kelly Smith in a news release.

The district’s anticipated provincial operating grant for 2015/16 is $71.8 million.

That’s based on the projection regular student enrolment will decline by 20 to 7,820 pupils.

“We also face inflationary pressures, MSP premiums, CPP contributions, irrigation charges and many other supplies and services are increasing in cost,’ said Adrian Johnson, acting secretary-treasurer.

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“This, combined with the administrative cuts imposed by the province, will mean we’re looking for well over a million dollars in cost reductions by 2016/17. That’s equivalent to the cost of the teaching staff in an entire elementary school.”

The public meeting is April 1st at 6:30 p.m. at the Schubert Centre.

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