Heritage Park hiring mechanically-minded staff to keep old equipment running

CALGARY – Heritage Park Historical Village has put out the “help wanted” sign in advance of a new season, and this year there are a few jobs up for grabs that could use mechanically-minded people to help keep the park’s old equipment running.

Some of the available jobs include operating a vintage grain elevator, running a wooden windmill built in 1924, and operating an old-fashioned printing press that was built in 1824.

They are pieces of western Canadian history that are still operational – and the park wants to keep them that way.

“We have really old equipment. We need people who are mechanically-minded, that also love to talk to people, to help work that equipment,” said Ellen Gasser, public programming coordinator at Heritage Park.

Heritage Park employee Mark Connors says trying to keep old equipment running is rewarding.

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“Oh it is a challenge, but that makes it fun – learning about stuff that’s very old,” said Connors.

Heritage Park

Job requirements include talking with park visitors, sharing your knowledge and answering their questions.

“How can you go wrong talking with happy people all day long? It’s the best job you can ever have,” said Connors.

“You meet people from all over the world,” added Campbell.

Heritage Park says finding qualified people is becoming tougher with every passing year.

“Time is against us, but our job is to try and find ways we can preserve this to keep it being a living history site,” said Gasser.

Students and early retirees are encouraged to apply.

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If you’re willing to learn, Heritage Park provides successful applicants with plenty of support – including training videos and one-on-one instruction.

Heritage Park Historical Village opens the new season on May 16 for the long weekend.

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