WATCH: Shania Twain vows to make music again after farewell tour

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TORONTO — Shania Twain surprised fans this week when she said her Rock This Country tour will be her last.

On Friday, the Canadian superstar insisted quitting the road doesn’t mean she’s quitting music.

“I’m not retiring from music by any means,” Twain said, “but this is it for the stage.”

Appearing on Global’s The Morning Show, Twain said she planned to stop performing live once her two-year residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas came to an end last December.

“I was going to hang my hat up at the end of that but that experience motivated me to carry on,” she explained. “It didn’t do what I expected. I thought I would be exhausted at the end of that and just relieved and ready to hang it up then but I want to carry on.

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“I will carry on but I have had it in my mind for a long time to finish the stage career.”

Twain’s spectacular show at Caesars has been immortalized in a CD+DVD package called Still the One: Live from Vegas.

The 49-year-old singer said performing more than 100 shows in Las Vegas gave her the confidence to sing in front of crowds again.

“Las Vegas was this mountain challenge that I put in front of myself. It was my way of pushing myself forward,” she explained. “I felt I needed to do something shocking to snap me out of my insecurities. Going through all the personal things, I was just not confident enough to get out and do my thing again.

“I felt setting a really big challenge would shake that up, take me outside of my comfort zone and just dive in. But Vegas turned out to be a transition for me and a launching pad to just carry on and do other things.”

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Touring, though, is very different than performing night after night in the same venue. Twain said she’s ready to take on the challenges of being on the road.

“Even though the [Vegas] show was a huge undertaking, that security and safety and consistency made me feel very comfortable,” she said. “But through the whole experience I built my confidence back up and I’m ready for all those variables, I’m ready for the spontaneity, and I’m just ready to get out there and have a more freestyle show.”
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What’s the one thing she has to have on tour?

“Sleep,” Twain replied. “Touring is very tiring. Being able to get enough sleep is a challenge.”

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If Twain misses anything about Vegas, it’s Nobu inside Caesars Palace.

“It’s so good there. They have this Bibb lettuce salad… it is to die for. It’s incredible. The dressing is outrageous,” she gushed. “They don’t always have it because it’s quite a special lettuce that they use and they only have so many a day. I have to call ahead and say ‘Make sure you have that salad, I need that salad after the show!'”

On The Morning Show, Twain also shared the last concert she attended, her favourite recent movie and how she unwinds. She also said she is writing new songs and working on a new album — her first since 2002’s Up!.

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One thing is clear: Twain is in a good place.

“Like everybody else I’ve had my lows all through my life, some pretty dramatic ones,” she admitted. What keeps her going? “It’s the survivor in me. I can only get so low and then I’m gasping for air and I’m fighting my way back to the top for that air.

“I guess if I get into a state of desperation I fight — and that’s just the survivor in me.”