Calgary’s Adora Nwofor uses comedy to explore diversity

CALGARY – Calgary’s Adora Nwofor says being a black, 6’1 comedian can be a challenge, but the opportunity to make people laugh and educate her audience is worth it.

“Someone coined a term for me: It’s shock-wit, which kinds of rhymes with chocolate,” she said.

Nwofor describes being singled out in school: Taller than all her teachers, she was the size of a woman when she was just a teen. But perhaps it was this experience that gave her the courage to speak up for those who were bullied.

“She was never the child to see something or see a person being put down or abused and not step in,” said Nwofor’s uncle, Robert Walters. “She was always the defender.”

The courage to step up came in handy nearly a decade ago, when Nwofor was an anthropology student and her friend signed her up for a comedy show.

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“I very strongly believe that your opportunity does not pass you, so I got on stage and you have five minutes and they turned my mic off at seven.”

As part of a blended family, she talks about her life openly as a way to knock down stereotypes.

“The family doesn’t have to look like the way people want it to. This is part of why I was in anthropology, because over the generations that have been here on earth, family didn’t just look like: The mom, the dad, the kids.”

You can see Nwofor perform March 7 at “The Revolution will be Televised” show at Festival Hall. Click here for more information.

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