100 days until FIFA Women’s World Cup comes to Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — In just 100 days, millions of eyes from around the world will be on Winnipeg for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“It’s a lifetime opportunity for everybody,” said Manitoba Soccer Association executive director Hector Vergara. “The women’s game is growing across the world and therefore it’s becoming one of the biggest events in the world.”

Four of the top five teams in the tournament will play at Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, one of six host cities for the event.

“To see group D start here with the U.S., Sweden, Nigeria and Australia… and then to see Germany, Japan and China come here and close out their group stage, it’s just unbelievable,” said Chad Falk, Winnipeg’s venue general manager for the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Individual tickets are now on sale and many tourists are claiming their seats.

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“We are already seeing an influx of booking across all 50 states actually of people coming here to watch the games,” said Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce president Dave Angus. “They’ll have a chance to not only go to the games and stay at hotels and go to restaurants, but also discover our city.”

The last time Winnipeg hosted an event this prestigious was the Pan American games back in 1999, an event that required thousands of volunteers.

“To host these world class events, you see the excitement you see the volunteers that have come out today I mean, this is just the beginning,” said FIFA Women’s World Cup volunteer Stuart Murray.

A beginning that’s now just 100 days away.

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