EXCLUSIVE: Conservatives looking to detain suspected terrorists longer without charge

WATCH: Global News has learned the government is considering extending the amount of time suspected terrorist can be held without charges. Jacques Bourbeau reports.

OTTAWA – The Conservative government is considering changes to Canada’s anti-terror laws, that would allow the police to detain a suspected terrorist for a longer period for time without charges.

Sources tell Global News the change is expected to be part of the Conservative government’s overhaul of anti-terror laws, expected to be announced this Friday.

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Currently, if police believe someone is planning to commit a terrorist act, they can arrest the individual without laying a charge.

Officers then have 72 hours to come up with sufficient evidence, otherwise the suspect must be released.

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The new rules under consideration would  allow police to appear before a judge and seek two additional 48-hour extensions, allowing them  more time to continue their investigation.

That means police would be able to hold someone under the Criminal Code’s preventive arrest provisions for a total of seven days, up from the current three days.

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