RCMP make 3rd terrorism-related arrest in Ottawa

WATCH: Ottawa RCMP have made another terror-related arrest in a case directly connected to the arrests of two Canadians on Friday. Vassy Kapelos has the details.

OTTAWA — RCMP in Ottawa arrested a man Monday and charged him with terrorism-related offences — the third such arrest in as many days.

RCMP said in a release the arrest of Suliman Mohamed, 21, is connected to the arrests of Ottawa twin brothers Carlos Larmond and Ashton Larmond, both 24 years old.

Suliman is charged with participation in the activity of a terrorist group and with conspiracy to participate in a terrorist activity.

“These recent arrests underscore the reality that there are individuals in Ontario and in Canada who have become radicalized to a violent ideology, and who are willing to act upon it,” Chief Superintendent Jennifer Strachan said in a statement.

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RCMP said they will not be providing any more details on the arrests, as the cases are now before the courts.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said in a statement he applauded “the important work being done by the RCMP.”

“The RCMP, along with their law enforcement partners, play a vital role in keeping Canadians safe from the ongoing global terror threat that has impacted Canada and our partners,” Blaney said.

“As you have heard from our security agencies, we continue to confront and address the significant challenges posed by the global terror threat.”

The twin brothers each made a brief court appearance Saturday. Both had their cases held over until Feb. 12, and both were ordered not to communicate with one another while incarcerated.

The Larmonds’ lawyer, Joseph Addelman, said Saturday their case will test Canadian democratic ideals of freedom of assembly and freedom of religion.

Carlos Larmond was arrested at Montreal’s Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Police say he was attempting to travel overseas for terrorist purposes. He has been charged with participation in the activity of a terrorist group and for attempting to leave Canada to participate in terrorist activity abroad.

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Ashton Larmond was arrested in Ottawa. He faces charges of facilitating terrorist activity, participation in the activity of a terrorist group, and for instructing to carry out activity for a terrorist group.

WATCH: Canada’s public safety minister talks about Canada’s efforts to combat terrorism.

In a recent interview with Global News program The West Block with Tom Clark, Minister Blaney said Canada has identified terrorism as the top threat to national security.

The minister said Western nations will all have to work together in order to fight terrorism on a global scale, but suggested the government’s efforts at home are already working, pointing to the foiled 2006 Toronto 18 and 2013 VIA Rail plots as examples.

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