Eugenie Bouchard asked to ‘twirl’ after winning match at Australian Open

WATCH: Was it right for a presenter to ask Bouchard to “twirl” for the crowd? Mike Drolet has the story.

TORONTO – Eugenie Bouchard was asked three questions about tennis and then asked to twirl and show off her outfit after winning a match at the Australian Open Wednesday.

“Last night you tweeted that you loved Serena’s outfit, obviously the flora is working for you girls at the moment. She was kind enough to give us a twirl, can you give us a twirl and tell us about your outfit?” the commentator asked Bouchard.

Bouchard did the twirl, to a chorus of cheers from the crowd before complimenting the outfit worn by Serena Williams.

WATCH: An Australian Open TV presenter asks Bouchard to “give us a twirl.”

After winning a match at the same tournament in 2013, the Westmount native was asked who her ideal date was. Her answer? Justin Bieber.

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Bouchard beat Kiki Bertens in the second round of the open (6-0, 6-3) prior to being interviewed by the Australian sports commentator.

WATCH: Peter Kim has the public’s reaction to Bouchard being asked to “twirl.”

Bouchard later said it was “funny” according to The Telegraph but some people on twitter reacted swiftly, calling the question unfair.

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