Lake Country home destroyed by fire

LAKE COUNTRY – A family of four is homeless after losing their house to a fire in Lake Country.  On Tuesday evening, a blaze broke out in the home on Maki Road in Carr’s Landing, the northwest corner of Lake Country on Okanagan Lake.

The Carr’s Landing volunteer fire department responded to put out the flames.  It’s believed the fire was caused by unattended incense that may have been knocked over by a dog. There was major damage to the bottom level of the home and smoke damage throughout. A few hours later, a spot fire flared up again and destroyed some of the remaining structure.

Because Carr’s Landing is a volunteer fire department, only four firefighters were available to attack the overnight blaze.  TheLake Country fire department was called in to assist, but because of how far away the house was, by the time crews arrived the house was fully engulfed in flames.

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Lake Country deputy fire chief Brent Penner says the Carr’s Landing department is always looking for more volunteers.