Senior still serene working at Saskatoon spa

Watch above: A 90-year-old woman who began her career at a Saskatoon spa in 1952 still enjoys going to work. Wendy Winiewski introduces us to Ellen Gaunt and reveals the secret to her longevity on the job.

SASKATOON – Another day, another facial. Ellen Gaunt, 90, has done cosmetic treatment for the better part of six decades. At an age when most are retired, Gaunt works 20 hours a week and plans to continue throughout her 90’s.

This week, Paramount DaySpa & Salon is celebrating 65 years of business in Saskatoon. Gaunt has been with the company working as an esthetician since 1952.

The spry 90-year-old woman makes the bed, prepares the product and applies the treatment with an ease that comes from years of experience.

“When I look around and see some of the ladies I did, now I have their daughters as clients,” said Gaunt.

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She is more than a professional at facials. She’s also credited with pioneering much of the beauty industry in Saskatoon. Gaunt was one of the first to offer waxing, massage therapy and to import international skin care products.

“When I first started … it was mostly hair; I mean everybody got their hair done every week and it was perms, not as much colouring as there is today,” Guant reminisced.

Gaunt was around when false eyelashes were popular and has seen the product surge again in recent years.

The company has gone through three owners, switched locations numerous times and expanded its services. Director of Sales Sarah Dutka-Smith feels Gaunt’s constant presence is invaluable to the company.

“The girls at work here always say that they learn so much from her and she has so much experience and knowledge just from being in the industry so long,” said Dutka-Smith.

Keeping her clients looking youthful has proven mutually beneficial.

Paramount will be offering special packages throughout the week as part of customer appreciation week as a celebration of its 65th anniversary.

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