Brampton looking at steps to prevent coyote attacks

WATCH: Recent coyote sightings and reported attacks are raising concern across the GTA. Jennifer Palisoc reports.

TORONTO – The City of Brampton is looking at a ban on feeding wildlife as a way to stop coyote attacks.

The city recently held a public education session after a number of reports surfaced of unusual coyote activity across the Greater Toronto Area.

Anyone who is caught feeding wildlife within city limits could face a $5,000 fine if a new bylaw is approved.

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Coyote Watch Canada, a non-profit wildlife advocacy group, have been visiting municipalities across the GTA recently following a string of sightings.

Earlier this month a Brampton woman was bitten by what she believed was a coyote.

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In Burlington, a home security camera caught a coyote attacking a dog that was tied up outside. The dog survived but there are still concerns about coyotes.

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Coyote Watch Canada says it isn’t typical for coyotes to attack. Something in urban centres is changing, making the animals bolder and less fearful of humans.

“Once people start feeding animals especially coyotes, the proximity and tolerance increases because the risk is worth the reward,” said Lesley Sampson of Coyote Watch Canada.

According to Toronto Animal Services there have been 170 reported sightings of coyotes since Jan. 2013.

With a report from Jennifer Palisoc

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